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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

We work with children and teenagers who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families to design, implement, and monitor individualized plans of care and goals created to bring about meaningful and positive changes in the behavior of each child.


Behaviors A Go-Go provides comprehensive ABA treatment that addresses multiple affected developmental domains, such as cognitive, communicative, social, emotional, and adaptive functioning. Maladaptive behaviors, such as noncompliance, tantrums, and stereotypy are also typically the focus of treatment. 


Behaviors A Go-Go embraces six key concepts of ABA therapy:

  1. We are guided by the methods of scientific inquiry;

  2. All procedures we use are described and implemented in a systematic and quantifiable manner;

  3. We do not embrace all means of changing behavior, only those derived from the basic principles of behavior modification are used;

  4. We focus on socially significant behaviors to close the gap between the child's level of functioning and their typically developing peers;

  5. We look for meaningful improvement in important behaviors that shape the clild's development and growth as an individual;

  6. We analyze the factors that may be responsible for improvement in the child's behavioral profile.

Behaviors A Go-Go's ABA staff work in home, daycare,  school, and community settings in and around Greenville and West Columbia, SC.


Occupational Therapy (OT)


Pediatric occupational therapists work with children and teens to build new skills or regain old skills that are important to day-to-day life.


Our therapists focus on helping children and teens with developmental delays, disabilities, or impairments in the following areas:

  • Fine motor skills;

  • Visual motor skills;

  • Feeding / Eating;

  • Dressing;

  • Grooming / Hygiene

  • Problem solving;

  • Attention span and focus;

  • Functional play;

  • Sensory processing;

  • Safety / Self-Regulation;

  • Social participation.

Some common goals for children in occupational therapy include:

  • Increased independence in daily activities;

  • Improving self-regulation/attention;

  • Gaining play, cognitive, social, and motor skills.

Behaviors A Go-Go's experienced occupational therapists are available to work with you in our Greenville, SC center.

We are now accepting clients in the Natural Environment in Greenville through the Babynet program. Click here for more information.

Physical Therapy (PT)

Pediatric physical therapists use their expertise in movement and apply clinical reasoning through the process of examination, evaluation, diagnosis, and intervention in the following areas:

 • Developmental activities;

 • Movement and mobility;

 • Strengthening specific muscle groups;

 Home exercise;

 Balance and coordination;

 Recreation, play, and leisure;

 Posture, positioning, and lifting;

 • Use of assistive equipment and technology.

Behaviors A Go-Go's physical therapists are available to work with you in our Greenville, SC center.


Speech Therapy (ST)


Pediatric speech-language pathologists treat children and teens with speech, language, social communication, and cognitive-communication disorders.

Our highly trained therapists work with children and teens to:

  • improve receptive language, specifically the ability to process and understand information, a necessary component in following directions;

  • improve expressive language to use words and combine them into phrases and sentences to communicate wants and desires and share information with others;

  • improve articulation, decrease stuttering, or treat voice disorders;

  • improve the ability to safely eat or drink age-appropriate foods.

Social skills addressed in treatment include:

• eye contact;

• personal space;

• staying on topic;

• understanding body language;

• labeling feelings;

• self monitoring;

• understanding humor, sarcasm, and figurative language.

Executive function skills (part of cognitive-communication disorders) that are addressed in treatment include:

• task initiation;

• planning and problem solving;

• organization;

• working memory and study strategies;

• attention;

• time management;

• flexibility.

With early learners our speech-language pathologists make work seem like play to a child and parents are provided with tools they can use at home to improve language skills.

Behaviors A Go-Go's speech-language pathologists are available to work with you and your child in our Greenville, SC center.

Educational Services

We  provide consultative ABA and professional development services to public, private & charter schools and school districts. Behaviors A Go-Go assists with the development of in-house ABA services for schools and can deliver services directly to students in school settings. 

Through our Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) partnership program we can assist with the development of BCBAs. RBTs are provided with direct and indirect supervision by experienced BCBAs and paid to render direct and indirect services as part of their training.


United For Autism


Our professional staff work closely with families and others for a comprehensive approach to therapy. Parent training and support is an essential part of what we do. Informal sessions target basic ABA principles and tactics to address the priority needs of our families including toileting, eating issues, sleeping problems, social skills, family outings, sibling issues, homework problems, school based issues, etc.

We can also provide emotional support to parents whose child has recently been diagnosed with autism as well as a peer support system where parents with experience with children on the autism spectrum can coach others.

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