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The Behaviors a Go-Go Advantage

Ten reasons why we stand out!

1. Our people!

We have people not employees. We work with children not clients. We look with hope and trust to the future, work diligently in the present, and appreciate what came before.

All the people who work at Behaviors a Go-Go subscribe to a philosophy that puts children first. We manage by engaging, empowering, and mentoring staff to serve as positive role models who can help transform the lives of the people they work with.

We are always on the lookout for like-minded people. If you are an independent-minded, detailed-oriented, passionate individual with a soft-spot for special needs children or adults, talk to us - we will change your life!


2.Our partnerships and teamwork!

Taking Notes

Did you know that majority of companies that provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy do this and nothing else? At Behaviors a Go-Go we embrace a model that works with the whole person, their family, and the community!

In addition to ABA therapists we also work with Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and Case Managers because we realize our children and families benefit most from a multidisciplinary approach to learning. Family training is provided by all disciplines.

Behaviors a Go-Go also partners with our sister company, Aging with Flair, to ensure all the developmental needs of a child and their families are met. We work in the natural environment which means wherever the child is comfortable - be it in the home, day care, schools, recreational venues, restaurants etc. as well as in our centers. This ensures development and maintenance of socially-acceptable behaviors as well as important socialization skills so your child is prepared to interact with others in any setting including schools. 

3. Our flexibility!

We believe in magic - the magic of the human heart focussed and made manifest by our staff. We are dreamers, shapers, singers and makers and when it comes to your child we will move mountains to positively affect their behavior.

When an insurance company places limitations on what we can do for a child, there is a call to action - our program supervisors will appeal to ensure the best possible outcomes will be achieved. Furthermore, we believe every child is unique and a customized care plan is developed with caregiver input to maximize the effectiveness of our programs.

If you are unhappy with your child's progress, we are always willing to talk and explore different avenues for success.

We are here to help you rediscover the dreams you have for your child that the world has seemingly stolen from you.

Dancing Hands

4. Our technology!

circuit breaker panel repair

We embrace the mysteries of computer, circuit, laser and network. We endeavor to tap state-of-the-art and revolutionary new technologies to help your child.

All sites in our growing company are linked and blended through the internet using the latest technologies from Cisco-Meraki. We rely less and less on paper and more on electronic medical records, all of which are secured from outside interference with the latest security technologies.

All staff are provided with computers and/or tablets to enhance assessment, learning, and play.

We look forward to the future where we can utilize technologies such as virtual reality and neuro-feedback to enhance our daily experiences.

5. Our centers!

Did you know many of our competitors do not have a physical facility where clients can be engaged?

At Behaviors A Go-Go we pride ourselves on two newly renovated facilities in Greenville, SC, totaling 16,000 square feet and a facility in West Columbia totaling 7,000 square feet. Each of these facilities have extensive, natural green space surrounding them with the added bonus of an adjacent special needs park in Greenville SC.

Each building is equipped with many indoor and outdoor play areas (including water tables and trampolines), activity rooms, lunch rooms, fully equipped kitchens with laundry facilities, numerous bathrooms for toilet training as well as lounge areas for staff and conference/meeting rooms for caregivers and others.


Click here for a virtual tour of our Greenville center.

6. Our playgrounds!

Having a space to play and toys to enhance leaning is a top priority at Behaviors a Go-Go. Staff have standing orders to acquire new toys and games whenever they are out shopping.

Check out the gallery slide show of our facilities. A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say...

7. Our community and programming!

Our mission is to provide a multi-generational, community-based approach to living well for people and families with special needs from infancy and beyond in South Carolina. 

We strive to improve the lives of others using state-of-the-art technology while retaining personal, individualized care to enhance the vitality of life. To achieve this goal we support our practitioners and employees in the development of their careers and in the promotion of excellence.

We love meeting and working with caregivers and participate in community events to facilitate the dissemination of information concerning developmental delays and autism.


8. Our philosophy and values!


Everything we need to know about life, we learned from Dr. Seuss (and Star Trek - Original Series!).

Seriously, here are some things we value:

  1. We embrace integrity: we communicate openly and honestly with employees, coworkers, clients, and partners in the community.

  2. We trust in positive intentions: we support our client’s success by creating exceptional opportunities through innovative service solutions.

  3. We hold ourselves accountable – individually and in teams – for our behaviors, actions and results. 

  4. We view feedback as a gift while we relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do, every day.

  5. We practice teamwork: we work in an inclusive environment that embraces change, new ideas, respect for the individual and equal opportunity to succeed.

  6. We lead (and follow) by example: we work safely in a manner that protects and promotes the health and well-being of the individual and the community.

  7. We operate with due consideration but with speed and agility: No task is too small or project too large that it fails to receive the attention it deserves.

9. Our history!

We began our sister company, Aging with Flair in 2004, shortly after moving to Greenville, SC. After working as a staff occupational therapist in a home health company, Anne thought she could create a better people-centered operation and she did. At the time, her focus was geriatrics but given our philosophy of empowering people to take control of their careers, we soon became involved in pediatrics.

In 2010, we obtained a contract from the state of South Carolina, Department of Disability and Special Needs to work with infants and toddlers and their families as Early Interventionists. We quickly grew to be one of the larger, statewide practitioners of Early Intervention in South Carolina.

In 2018 we answered the call of our Early Interventionists to provide focused-behavioral therapy to children on the Autism Spectrum and Behaviors a Go-Go was born in Greenville, SC.

We currently have a staff of about 100 people and serve over 800 families.


10. Our founders!


Anne Connor-Schisler, MSc OTR/L, born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, has been practicing occupational therapy for 40 years. She has expertise in social justice, community mental health, trauma, gerontology, and most recently pediatrics. Anne acts as the inspiration behind Behaviors A Go-Go and it is her job to develop new partnerships and recruit the best people for the company.

Nicholas (Nick) Schisler, PhD, born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada is a research geneticist with expertise in molecular biology and informatics. Nick has worked and taught at many outstanding colleges and universities over the last 30 years including the University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario, Canada), Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), Pomona College (Claremont, CA), and Furman University (Greenville, SC).  It's Nick's job to ensure the operational integrity of Behaviors A Go-Go.

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