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The Behaviors a Go-Go Advantage

How do I start services?

Step 1 - Contact Us

Call us today at (864) 757-9918 to get your child started with services! A team member will go over our intake process with you and will address your questions and concerns as you share some basic information about your child. 

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Step 2 - Insurance Verification

We accept many private insurance carriers and all Medicaid plans. Please contact our office for the current list. We will verify your insurance benefits for you and inform you about estimated costs, if applicable. We will also acquire insurance approval for treatment on your behalf if required.

Step 3 - Intake Paperwork and

You can download our new patient intake paperwork below. You can return the completed forms to us by email at or FAX at (864) 757-9921. This paperwork helps us gain a better understanding of your child’s history and developmental milestones and includes consent forms for us to obtain any of their previous records. Upon completion of the paperwork, we will either move forward with scheduling an evaluation or place your child on our waitlist. 

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Step 4 - Evaluation

The evaluation typically consists of parent interview, age-appropriate standardized assessments, and child observation. Upon completion of the evaluation, your therapist will develop a comprehensive report complete with assessment scores, and an individualized treatment plan.

Step 5 - Treatment

If therapy is recommended, we will move forward immediately with scheduling.

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Step 6 - That's it!!

You are all finished and on your way to the future!  Please contact us if you have any lingering questions or need additional assistance in coordinating your child’s needs!

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